Thursday 17th January. We travelled from Entebbe to Kampala on a fast flowing dual carriageway. Two years ago that same road was being constructed and the resulting chaos resulted in a painful journey.

Kampala is amazingly jam packed with slow moving traffic. Somehow the slow moving traffic just keeps mingling. There is no sense of road etiquette other than avoiding contact with one another. So, travelling the wrong way around a roundabout is not a problem as the traffic is either static or slow moving. It makes the journey interesting.

Our apartment is plush and conveniently close to local shops. We bought a few groceries and Lillian cooked a beef stew with matoke (savoury banana), fried white cabbage and Irish potato (standard potato as opposed to sweet potato). Delicious.

We both slept well that night and Lillian had risen early and prepared some fruit juice from passion fruit and oranges, that went down a treat. Omlette followed with two ‘apple bananas’ very short but the best of tastes, and a mug of Ugandan tea.

Anthony, one of the students from 2017 and now living and working in Kampala called in for lunch. We had a long chat and ending up setting off for Kampala city centre on a minibus taxi. With frequent stops for more passengers and the ever worsening traffic congestion we arrived just after the shop closed. The return journey was painfully slow. That meant another later than planned dinner of chicken stew, matoke and Irish potato.

The disastrous shopping expedition also meant some drastic changes in plans for what was supposed to be a relaxed departure and journey to Mbale.

I should add that whilst dinner was cooking the tv news showed some sort of violent shooting at the town of Jinja. The reports were in one of the tribal languages, so made no sense to me at all. I should have called Lillian to explain. We did see some speedy police activity which may have been part of the situation. And, oddly enough we were travelling along the Jinja Road. No other signs of a problem and everything seems calm here at least.

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