Kampala to Mbale

We spent about two hours in MechTools Store in Kampala. Almost everything on the list was purchased. My thanks to Alex our Airbnb host for driving us to the store, waiting during the shopping and then dropping us at the bus park station. It would have been heavy work without Alex’s help with the driving.

The single deck bus was capable of carrying up to sixty four passengers. Three seats one side and two the other. The seats are firm, small, cramped and covered in a clear plastic skin for easy cleaning and encouraging sweating.

The roads were good in places and dirt tracks in others. Speed bumps are common especially near road works. There were many road works along the route. Unlike the UK approach to roadworks and maintaining workers safety there are no barriers to separate traffic from workers and plant.

After some five hours we reached Mbale. Once we had claimed our baggage which now amounted to two back packs and four suitcases, all of which were heavy. Lillian went off to find a ‘private taxi’ to get us and the baggage to the Airbnb.

It didn’t take long to settle in, and then head back to the town centre for dinner. The food was quite tasty, cheap and it satisfied our hunger. We returned to the accommodation exhausted and slept well that night.

2 thoughts on “Kampala to Mbale

  1. This is Robert driver
    This is what there call beauty of art.if you can create something from your heart and you design it to teach others that is great Mike


    1. Hello Robert, thank you for your comment on my blog way back on 29th January. I didn’t realise I could reply to your comment through the blog. I hope you have been following this great adventure. I’ll be seeing you in a weeks time.


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