John lives in Nampagala, a tiny village a couple of miles from Budaka. A photo below shows the main (only) street.

It is accessed by a mud road. Mains electricity is not available and there are few solar panels. Water is obtained from a bore hole.

John is fortunate that his father has land sufficient for the extended family to have their homes on the plot. Various members have projects running to provide some sort of income. John makes mud bricks and I’ll include details in a future post. An uncle has created an orange grove. John’s father is a primary teacher at a local school some 5Km away. He rides his ancient looking bike to and from work.

There are many trees growing on the land and further details will be posted soon.

There is a plan that a new building would be created that would serve as a workshop and secure store with accommodation also built in. It would be available to me anytime I visited. Despite the lack of facilities it has a big appeal.

The photos show various scenes taken around the family plot including local kids, John’s parents, other members of the family and Village Chairman, Mike, asking Lillian and myself to sign the village visitors book.

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