Tree selection at Nampagala village.

Here’s a selection of trees found on John’s fathers plot. Local names, in no particular order and a ‘H’ or ‘S’ to indicate whether hard or soft. The local system only describes whether the wood is hard or soft unlike the UK system.

Muvule H, Music H, Music S, Mukoko S, Mukunyu S, Margon H, Carpkus S, Syprus S (not Cyprus, this is a broad leaved tree), Iera S, Pina S. Included in there is a cashew nut tree. The tree with no obvious leaves has opening leaf buds in anticipation of the wet season. The tree with Lillian reaching up to a branch is a Jack Fruit tree, a photo shows a relatively small fruit. Also included is a mango tree and an orange tree. The tree with John reaching up to some dry, seeds/flowers has a bark that can be peeled from the living tree and worked to produce a fabric like material traditionally used used for clothing in the old days. Part of the trunk is shown separately. A branch had been lopped off so that goats could feed on the leaves. Later the wood was converted into firewood.

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