Sipi Falls

Second attempt at sending these details. The last few days have been hit with Internet access problems. It may well be that the story of our trek to Sipi Falls that I wrote the other day will magically appear from draft folder which I’m struggling to gain access to.

So, I’ll send short passages and hopefully have them all published.

On the way from the first waterfall we came across the Sipi River. It’s not very wide and is generally fast flowing. We watched some young boys jumping into a deep pool, which some locals told us was 16 metres deep. As the river starts high up in the mountains the water is amazingly cold. I’m glad I was not in the pool.

At this pool a young man asked us if we’d like hold his chameleon. Apparently it was two years old. The body was about three to four inches long and was bright green. I happily let it climb over my hand. Lillian was more reluctant but soon held it on a stick for a close look. We carried on with the trek and I was intrigued that some tree stumps that we passed were actually coppiced coffee bushes. The Arabica beans grown in this area at altitude are especially favoured by coffee fans. I bought a bag each of ground and beans to take home.

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