Sipi Falls, continued

One waterfall that we came across was not deemed big enough to be included in the main falls collection. The main three range in heights from about 65 metres to over 100 metres. This small waterfall was only about 20 metres high and was more of a water effect as the water flowed over a huge rock face. It was really picturesque and we spent several minutes taking it in and taking photos. I’ll post a few photos as soon as I can, and when the intermittent WiFi and mobile data allow.

I should mention that once the river has gone over the second waterfall it dissapears under ground in natural channels and chambers for some distance.

We ended the actual trek at a bar / restaurant which had a good observation point. We could see the last waterfall a few hundred metres away, but could not hear it. We did hear the whoops of delight come fear from some students that were abseiling down the cliff alongside the fall. It was from there that we took some trick photos which make it appear that we are drinking directly from the waterfall and also washing our hands with it. After a rest and drinks we were taken to a taxi pick up point. The trek and taxi fares cost about £50 for both of us, that was some bargain.

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