Lillian’s brothers visit us.

As our visit to the Kasubi Tombs ended our guide showed us some of his bark cloth paintings. Either in black and white or vibrant colours they were mightily impressive. Two especially attracted my attention and I paid just over 100 Shillings / £20 for them. I’ll see if I can get decent photos of them and post them.

We were picked up by Ivan and Jonas and had a tour of Kampala. I’ll post a photo of a truck that we came up behind. It was loaded with the typical plastic garden chairs that we know and probably hate. The chairs were stacked at least twenty high, and probably many more. To add to the spectacle there were some men sitting on the top. We had a look at second hand imported cars and seven and eight seater Toyota mpv types were selling for $10,000 – $15,000. There was a Lexus available nearer to $100,000.

On the previous evening Ivan and Jonas had visited us at the apartment. I cooked dinner, baked potatoes and roasted peppers, small white aubergines, tomatoes and onions. They had not heard of baked potatoes before and asked if the crisp skins had been coated in something. Roast vegetables were also a first experience. I’m happy to report that they enjoyed it all and wanted to know how to cook this way.

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