Project 3

Lillian had arranged for two friends that are carpenters, Edward and Saphan and Julius their trainee to meet us at a woodyard. We selected and purchased some planks of both hardwoods and softwoods. These were then taken in the back of the Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF) pickup truck to a nearby sawmill. Much as we experienced in Budaka the mill produced random sizes and squareness of the pieces we needed. These pieces were then taken by the pickup to the SSF grounds and unloaded.

The use of the pickup and the help of Robert the driver saved us both time and expense. I am most grateful to Rose Kawere, Country Director of SSF for offering the use of the pickup and for the chance to use the grounds and facilities for Lillian’s project.

The whole process from sorting to cutting and shaping was the same as that in Nampangala when working with John.

We all then set about making a workbench, pole-lathe and shaving horse.

Photos to follow as soon as possible.

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