Last week’s Sunday outing

Last Sunday, a week ago at the time of writing, Lillian, William (Willy) 20, Mark 6, and myself walked to a nearby quarry. The rock is used in general construction work. There are soot deposits on the rock face in various places. Apparently tyres are burnt at the foot of the rocks and the resulting heat softens the rock. There are the remains of bore holes in the rock from previous blasting. There were men breaking rocks with sledgehammers, others were lifting large rocks by hand and loading a tipper lorry.

The quarry is also a place to visit and relax at, just as we were. We took many photos of the stunning views, a short man made cave, interesting photo oportunities with the rock formations and of course the men working. I also did a little trick photography, I’ll post an example. On the way to the quarry we passed a bush familiar at home with the common name of ‘bottle brush’. It was the biggest example I’ve seen.

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