Project 3, some of the action

As we neared the time for Lillian to use her shaving horse and lathe for the first time we needed to make a tool carrier to keep the turning tools safe and sharp. I cut the pieces needed and with the help of Lillian and Julius we quickly assembled it.

As time was short I didn’t worry too much about accuracy or aesthetics. It is functional and didn’t drain too much time.

In the first batch of three photos we have Julius and I assembling the tool carrier. I wish I could remember what we were joking about. There is Lillian posing for the camera with her carrier. She joked it is her way of going ready to work in her office. Finally, a photo of Lillian using her lathe for the first time. She made a chisel handle, one of several that she needs.

In the meantime she has also made a prototype ‘pestle’ for squeezing the juice through a seive whilst making fruit juice. Previously she has used a fork.

The programme will now be for me to make a series of items on the lathe and for her to replicate each item in turn. Guidance on ways to approach different techniques will be given as needed, but on the whole Lillian is quite capable on the lathe. Development and enhancement is the aim.

I would really appreciate some feedback from you on how these details are coming across. It’s a bit like shooting in the dark without reactions, feedback and comments.

2 thoughts on “Project 3, some of the action

  1. Hi Mike – great posts coming through now – I think you are getting in the swing of it. I read them in my email rather than going to the site out of preference so not so easy to reply. Nice mix of chat, update, info-education and photos. I remember trying to write it as though I was down the pub chatting with people – shorter is harder but better, It’s also a great record for you in the future – so don’t worry so much about us!! Keep up the great work – what a fantastic crowd.
    Mark the Lazy Bodger


    1. Thank you Mark. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. I like doing fairly short descriptions, it is easy to over detail things. Writing for fellow green woodworkers and Joe Public throws up its own challenge. One major problem has been the unreliable and weak mobile data and WiFi. I’ve lost count of the times work has been lost or published twice. Such is life. These guys are friends for life, in fact more to point I have been taken in as a member of the family. John and his family from Nampangala have offered to build me a home on their plot which would be mine for life and then passed on to my son. They see that as their appreciation for what I’ve done for John, his family and the community. They have the land and John makes bricks as one of his projects. It would be a basic existence, and save a lot of money on paid accommodation and transport.


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