Julius, ‘our’ student.

Julius is in training with the two carpenters that helped enormously at the beginning of Project 3. He had come along when he was able to, and has proved to be a useful pair of hands.

Last week he had been shown how to use the shaving horse and produced a billet for the lathe.

We kept moist and today he had his introduction to pole-lathe turning. To give Lillian more experience at teaching she observed me as I went through the stages. Lillian was given the chance to join in with some of the tuition and to translate some of the details.

Julius quickly proved to be very capable on the lathe. He did struggle a little with the skew chisel, but those in the know will appreciate the challenges that the skew brings.

In a little over an hour he produced a decent tool handle for, perhaps a small chisel.

The photos are all about his first session on the lathe. One of the photos captures his intense concentration.

Today has been International Woman’s Day, and this was celebrated at Salama SHIELD Foundation. In the Community Hall there were a couple of hundred women in the audience. There were guest speakers, music and a great and happy atmosphere.

Near our work area a huge out door kitchen was busy preparing for all in attendance. These guys are great innovators and naturally resourceful.

When we left at 6.30pm there was a disco loudly bashing all manner of music. Naturally they didn’t play any of my preferred music, Pink Floyd.

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