Penultimate working day.

The main target for today had to be finishing Lillian’s stool. After setting up the equipment I set about preparing the top pieces for Lillian’s stool whilst she went off on a secret mission which will be revealed tomorrow.

The stool seat material was too thin as a single piece, so we prepared a second piece slightly smaller in size. Holes for the legs were bored and screw holes drilled. Sharp edges were removed and the wood generally tidied up. I left the rest for Lillian to do.

I then set about sawing a piece of tree trunk to length for making into legs for the shaving horse. After cleaving and axing I set about shaving each piece to tidy it up and to taper the top ends down close to one and a quarter inch. I then refined each leg until it fitted into a homemade gauge. These should / must be finished tomorrow.

Final task before Lillian returned was to cleave and shave two billets ready for the lathe.

So, Lillian returned and she set about returning the ends of the legs and stretchers. For non green woodworking folk green wood shrinks when it dries. If the wood has been turned it will go oval when it dries. As such it needs to be ‘returned’ to make it round again. Oval tenons do not fit well into round mortises.

We then set about joining both seat pieces with glue and woodscrews and boring the holes into the main seat through the reinforcing board. Then, finally we measured the centres on the legs to receive the stretchers. After boring the holes and a final check over we did a dry assembly. This went well, so adhesive was applied. The final assembly also went well and a fine stool had been created. By now it was turned seven pm and set about putting away for the night.

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