Today was always going to be a busy day. It was also a long day. One of my early tasks was to turn the components to make a crucifix. The idea came to me whilst sitting in the church last Sunday. Ugandans are committed and practising Christians on the whole. You often see

Christian posters, crucifixes and rosary beads in shops, offices and other places. I think there is a ready market there for Lillian.

My crucifix was ten inches high and six inches wide. I kept the decorative beads fairly simple.

After a chat about this exercise I left Lillian to carry on. Julius had joined us late morning and was keen to observe Lillian and myself at work. Lillian finished her crucifix without any problems.

During that exercise we heard a strange buzzing sound gradually getting louder. We soon realised it a swarm of bees coming in our direction. When they arrived they quickly settled on the roof of the building next to us. Lillian and Julius were keen to keep their distance. I was more interested in keeping the work rolling on.

Ultimately, Lillian and Julius vacated the area after Julius was stung whilst swatting at a bee. Then it was Lillian’s turn to get stung. I’m not phased by bees and wasps and carried on working, and didn’t get stung. Eventually the bees settled and were not a problem.

Julius returned the tenon of leg for his single leg stool. He also made a quick seat for it. He was really pleased with the result, and so he should be.

Willy had been invited along as he had no work for the day. He helped in many ways. Between us we completed a high chopping block, legs for the shaving horse and a few other odds and ends.

Lillian and I had a quick run through various techniques that we had used during the last two months to jog her memory. And with that it a final clearing away session before heading home pretty well shattered.

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