It’s not goodbye.

Saying goodbye seems so permanent, so instead I’ve been saying ‘see you next time ‘.

As I sit here on a bus heading for Kampala I’m happy to think there will be a next time. This trip has been extra expensive due to the tools that were handed over. Many more tools could be added to the relatively basic kits that the three friends now have. I’ll be looking at ways for fund raising once I have my feet back on the ground at home.

I have no regrets about this trip. It has been a life changing and life enhancing experience. During this time I have been welcomed into the families of my three friends, that’s one hell of an extended family.

The photo with this post is Lillian, her mum (I only know her as mum), Willy and Mark (Lillian’s cousins who are staying with mum. Willy has been staying there during Senior School and will soon be off to university. Mark has just started Primary School close by but his family home is some distance in a small village).

It’s not goodbye to the blog either. There’s more to tell and I intend to add more details in the next few days, and even then the story will not come to a complete end.


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