England feels cold!

Well, here I sitting on my big suitcase on the train from Gatwick Airport to Kampala, only kidding, to Polegate my nearest railway station to home.

It’s been a long day following a short night’s sleep. Bedtime was after midnight and the alarm was set for 03.30. Robert, our super taxi driver was picking us up at 04.30 to take us the short journey to Entebbe. Robert had picked us up from Kampala on Wednesday evening and we reached the hotel sometime after 11.00pm.

There was an emotional parting at the airport. Lillian and I have created an amazing bond during our two months together. I had to keep reminding her that it’s not goodbye but ‘see you next time’. Even so it was a wrench parting.

The flight started slightly early at 06.45am and was short and sweet. From Kigali in Rwanda to Brussels and then to Gatwick was long long long.

But, here I am nearly home. More blog post tomorrow, your weary blogger.


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