Sunday 20th January 2019. Prossy and John travelled to Mbale to visit us. It was so good meeting them and catching catching up after three years. Before long Prossy had to return to Budaka before departing to the town where she has a job during the week. John stayed on for another hour or so.

Monday 21st January. Lillian and I finished sorting out the tools that were being given to the three students. With John’s share we caught a taxi to Budaka. We telephoned ahead to alert John that we were approaching and he was there to meet us. When we entered John’s village a great deal of interest and curiosity was shown. Not many white skins are seen in the village. We met John’s extended family and had a look around the immediate area of John’s house.

We sat and chatted for ages and I handed over the tools that I had brought from home and bought in Kampala. The look on his face was amazing, like a thousand childhood Christmas or birthday present opening sessions rolled into one. The tools will open up so many opportunities for him and his family as well as many others in the village. His gratitude was clear to see.

Some plans were made for starting work the next day and then Lillian and I left for Mbale.