Odds and ends day.

We crammed a lot of small tasks in today. Away from the work place we took three pieces of timber to the sawmill. We needed to get a decent finish on these pieces to use for the stools under construction. Two are one legged type made as a turning exercise and for Lillian to gain some basic woodwork construction experience. The third one is more conventional and has four legs and two stretchers for rigity.

The work today was also a mixed bag. Julius returned to us and turned his own one legged stool leg. He was intrigued by the idea. Apart from one near disaster with reducing the diameter too much in one area he did a really good job. He also helped with a few odd tasks. Lillian finished her second stretcher, demonstrating to her uncle, who is a carpenter. Cleaving and shave horse work were also demonstrated. I did a quick sample of a leg with squared sections that could take mortise and tenon joints. This could be potential work for Lillian in the future. Later in the day I made a turned door wedge for Lillian to see my approach. She then turned hers. She was tired by this time and struggled with the turning and then the shave horse work that goes with this task. No doubt she’ll do a good job next time.

One other task was cutting the stool seats to shape and size and boring the hole in each seat.

These were tested by Lillian’s brother Willy and myself. Once we back at home we all had a go, including Lillian’s mum who thought they were hilarious.

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